Evening Hours

Therapy that fits your schedule...

A Therapist With Evening Hours

Therapy and counseling office open late, after 5pm! Our Seattle office is open late during the week, which is perfect for people seeking therapy and counseling when they get off from work. If you are interested in booking an evening therapy or counseling appointment, or to check if we have evening availability, you can do so through this site or by emailing:

Why keep evening hours? If you are currently looking for therapy in the Seattle area, you have probably noticed that most therapists keep 9-5 business hours, which can be difficult for those who work full-time jobs. Our philosophy about therapy is simple: it's about removing stress from your life - and so it shouldn't inadvertently create stress by making you skip out on part of your work day. We design therapy around you, so that it is convenient and stress free.

This is why a few of our therapists keep evening hours as well as weekend hours.

To learn more about appointment times and evening availability, you can visit: Availability