Psychotherapist (full time) - Downtown Seattle

Demand for our services has grown to the point that we have to turn away a majority of the referrals we receive. Because of this, we’re looking to expand our group practice and take on a new clinician.

our vision

Advancing clinical excellence

Through collaborative research, scholarship, consultation, reflective clinical work, and a willingness to explore new forms of what we do, we hope to not only create a better healing experience for our clients, but also to better understand why what we are doing works—so that, if it works well, these insights might be shared and adapted to other settings or locales in which anxiety and other mental health conditions are treated.

Building community

We are committed to building a sense of community and escaping the isolation of private practice. This is something we want both for ourselves and for our clients. Inspired by examples such as Recovery Cafe, we seek to establish over time, for high functioning clients and clinicians, what they have created for marginalized individuals (in addition to self-exploration and healing): a genuine sense of community.

Loving what we do … as well as where we do it

We are committed to finding new ways to reduce admin and busywork so that clinicians can focus their energies on what they love—doing transformative therapeutic work with their clients—as well as things connected to this such as writing, research, and scholarship. We are also intent on raising the bar on an aesthetic level, making details feel just right for both ourselves and our clients, thereby creating an environment and community that feel like an extension of the selves we are trying to live into.

Our Culture

Time is our most precious asset

Too many valuable hours are wasted by professionals of all stripes every day, largely owing to the growing culture of accountability, with its attendant obsession with making sure zero mistakes are ever made, never thinking of the costs associated with this course of action. We are committed to bringing under our umbrella only those in which we have ample evidence to support a high level of trust and confidence—such that paperwork, mandatory meetings, and other accountability requirements and forms of micro-management can be kept to a minimum. Time is incredibly valuable and we aim to treat it as such.

Standards without standardization

This practice is founded on an awareness that both anxiety and its treatment are incredibly complex, idiosyncratic, and challenging. Appreciating this fact requires us to reject both standardization and the micro-management of clinicians, while at the same time working hard together to improve the care we provide. The goals of this practice are not just financial—that is, we are not just here to make money. We are committed to the highest standards of care and of research, and as the practice grows, its ability to provide higher levels of care and to produce high caliber research and relevant scholarship will grow with it.

You get to focus on what matters

Normally, in private practice, you have to spend an inordinate amount of time working (or waiting) to get people in the door … either that, or you have to spend half your working hours on the phone arguing with insurance companies. Joining an established an respected private pay clinic means you get to spend much more time actually doing therapy with clients than you would otherwise—and you get to spend less time getting burned out on the endless busywork and stress associated with building and running a business or dealing with insurance companies.

Therapy, research, and community—that’s it. Exactly as it should be.

Our Bottom Line

Great benefits

Our therapists receive high-end health insurance benefits, generous 401(k) retirement benefits, and unlimited vacation time (with the caveat that this shouldn’t adversely impact client care).

Freedom from expenses

A traditional worry that plagues those in private practice is “what if all (or most of) my clients leave and then I’m suddenly not only not making any money but I’m also on the hook for all these expenses (which can easily exceed $20,000 per year)?” You won’t ever make negative money at our practice. Even in the most catastrophic of circumstances, you’re never on the hook for any practice expenses. The practice will cover malpractice insurance, continuing education trainings, commercial lease payments, accounting, marketing, and everything else required to keep the lights on and help you do your job as effectively as possible. You get to focus on being a great therapist without the burden of worrying about the financial health of the practice.

Pay substantially lower taxes (thousands of dollars lower)

In private practice, and in most group practice settings, you are forced to pay much higher taxes on your income because you’re treated as a sole proprietor or an independent contractor. In these arrangements, you’re forced to cover the employer portion of payroll taxes that are owed on your income. We treat you as a full fledged W2 employee, with all the benefits that entails, including covering the employer payroll taxes, so you don’t have to worry about a tax bill sneaking up on you at the end of the year. This means that you will save thousands of dollars each year that you would otherwise have to pay.

Earn substantially more than you would in a typical private practice

Although the compensation of our therapists varies depending on a number of factors, our full time therapists reliably earn more than their colleagues that work in other medical, group practice, or private practice settings. This has a lot to do with not having to spend their time doing anything other than seeing clients and focusing on their professional development. It’s also a function of the huge number of clients that reach out to us every week. When all other business related tasks are taken care of, it’s easier to see more clients; and with the large number of referrals we receive, it’s easier to stay consistently full. This means less stress and a bigger paycheck.

Non-Discrimination policy

Seattle Anxiety Specialists does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.

This policy applies also to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations, outside vendors, organization members and customers, the clients we serve, our use of contractors and consultants, as well as dealings with the general public.

next steps

Our ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate intelligence, creativity, and strong work ethic through a history of accomplishments (as evidenced by their cv/resumé) as well as empathy, vulnerability, and kindness in their clinical presence (as evidenced by their interview and their professional references).

We are very much willing to consider those who’ve recently completed graduate school, especially if they had a successful career or other notable accomplishments before becoming a therapist. We believe that demonstrating accomplishment in any field, breadth of experience, and the adventurous spirit needed to leave a successful career to pursue something more challenging and meaningful are all strong predictors of therapeutic excellence.

If you’re a therapist and are interested in being considered for a role at Seattle Anxiety Specialists, please send your cv/resumé to our clinical director. His email is

Thank you!