Couples & Family Counseling

In addition to the individual and group psychotherapy that we provide, we also offer couples and family therapy.

Couples Counseling

Two of the therapists in our practice provide couple’s counseling, Jennie Ketcham Crooks and Jim McDonnell.

In working with couples, Jennie utilizes Gottman principles and Jim utilizes Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

You can reach Jennie by email at and Jim by email at

Family Counseling

In family therapy, members of a family will meet together to work out issues that impact them (e.g., emotional vulnerability, communication, forgiveness, etc). Sometimes just two family members will meet, such as a parent and their child, though it is not uncommon for more than two family members to pursue family therapy together.

Jim McDonnell provides family therapy utilizing contemporary family systems theory.

You can reach Jim McDonnell by email at