Anxiety Therapist in Westlake

Blake is a licensed therapist and counselor with offices located in Westlake. He specializes in treating stress and anxiety, and is also licensed and qualified to treat related issues, such as substance abuse issues and depression. If you are looking for therapy or counseling in or around Westlake, and you suffer from stress or anxiety, getting therapy from Blake may be an excellent option for you. You can set up a consultation to see if he is a good fit.

Many of the people that Blake sees who live and work in the area are at risk from, or are already in the midst of, burnout. This is due in large part to the stressful work environments in which many of them find themselves. For many who suffer from anxiety, such a stressful work environment is often too much to handle long-term without the proper support. Blake helps his clients to thrive under such intense pressure. He helps them to stop worrying and start performing better.

Blake's office is located at 1100 Dexter Avenue North, in suite 100, in the building right across the street from Facebook's offices in Dexter Station.