The passions and pursuits of our therapists outside of the office.

Jerome Veith

Gadamer and the Transmission of History (Studies in Continental Thought)

“Observing that humans often deal with the past in problematic ways, Jerome Veith looks to philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer and his hermeneutics to clarify these conceptions of history and to present ways to come to terms with them. Veith fully engages Truth and Method as well as Gadamer's entire work and relationships with other German philosophers, especially Kant, Hegel, and Heidegger in this endeavor. Veith considers questions about language, ethics, cosmopolitanism, patriotism, self-identity, and the status of the humanities in the academy in this very readable application of Gadamer's philosophical practice.”

Jennie Ketcham Crooks

I am: - a Jennie Ketcham Poscast

“Jennie’s journey has been remarkable, heartbreaking, inspiring, and wild in the best way possible. Her raw approach to communication and unique voice comes through as well in this podcast as it does in her writing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this show evolves and will be in for every twist and turn. Thanks for putting this out there Jennie. We’re here to listen.”